Dwi cysgu dan ser yn y Sahara,
Ac aros ar 'nhraed drwy'r nos yn Prague.
Dwi 'di dawnsio ar fynydd hefo
ffrindiau newydd,
A deffro ar awyren wag.

"Does unman yn debyg i Adra",
medda' nhw wrtha fi.
Does unman yn debyg i Adra, na.
Ond mae Adra'n debyg iawn i chdi.

I've slept under stars in the Sahara,
And stayed up all night in Prague.
I've danced on a mountain top with new friends,
And woken up on an empty 'plane.

"There's no place like home",
is what they told me.
There's no place like home, no.
But Home is very much like you.


Adra, by Gwyneth Glyn

We're home!

Of course, the home we're returning to isn't the home we left nearly two years ago. We're in a new town, with a new house, and new ideas about what we want our life to be like now that our travels have ended.

One of those ideas resolves one of the biggest questions I've had since before we left: What would I do with my architecture career when I got back?

I have decided to start my own architecture practice, called Adra Architecture, offering a broad range of architectural services to residential, commercial, and healthcare clients in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. 

If you or anyone you know would like to talk to me about a potential project, please let me know at tim@adraarchitecture.com, 617-913-5906, or request a consultation through the contact form at www.adraarchitecture.com.

Anything you can do to help me grow my new business would be much appreciated!

I would not have decided to start my own practice if we hadn't taken this trip. Traveling with my family for two years has given me the perspective and confidence to take on this new endeavor. My hope is that my self-employment will help us to maintain the kind of control over our own destiny that has become increasingly difficult for us to relinquish. 

I have written a post on my Adra Architecture Blog that describes how I came to this decision, including the travel story that inspired the name "Adra." Enjoy!

What Does "Adra" Mean?

Adra Architecture as the name of my practice is more than just a foreign four-letter word...