Some people think the way to fly is to flap your arms madly after you've jumped off a cliff.

But that's just a controlled fall...

August 21, 2015 - Escaping the Labyrinth


It's over. 

Our year of family travel started on August 21, 2015. Today marks the end of that year. 

Before we left I wrote about feeling like I had taken flight up out of the Labyrinth of our narrow life, flapping my arms madly, looking back down as an impartial observer of my own existence:

In the weeks since we decided to take a year off to travel, I've been having this out of body sensation, as if I'm looking down from above to watch myself navigate the maze of my daily life. I can see the path I'm following, and I can see where it ends. The way to end the fear is not to contain it or slay it, but to escape the Labyrinth altogether. 

That out of body sensation hasn't gone away. It's as if I'm writing a book where the character of Tim embarks on all of these adventures with his family, and my present life is just a matter of acting out the life of that character. I feel an obligation for our lives to live up to the excitement of our stories. 

To have a life worth remembering. 

But every book has an ending. This ending, the return to our narrow life, was my biggest fear before we left:

Perhaps the biggest thing we have to fear is returning to the Labyrinth of our narrow life a year from now. The fears we are leaving behind will still be there when we return, to pull us back deeper inside it. Hopefully our flight up and out of the Labyrinth will give us the perspective we need to better navigate it.

At the time this seemed like the best we could hope to achieve during this year. That we could be changed by our travels but that the maze we returned to could not be. 

That the ending of the book would return us to the beginning, the back cover bound inexorably to the front. 

That we would occasionally look back and say, "Remember that year we traveled the world? That was wild. At least we did that. I have to get the kids, what time will you be home from work?"

Screw that.

Some people think the way to fly is to flap your arms madly after you've jumped off a cliff. 

That's not the way to fly. 

The way to fly is to keep jumping. 


To be continued...

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