As the dust settles from our August 21st exit into the unknown, and two weeks of vacation have come and gone, I am starting to feel a sense of calm and true excitement about our upcoming adventure. Now it is really happening, versus the previous To-Do list that took over our lives through the summer.

So far, we seem to have successfully managed our initial travel smoothly and with limited issues. Albeit we are currently staying in the comforts of my parents' Grantchester home and in an English speaking country. It will be interesting to see how the language barrier changes our sense of comfort.

The one thing I wasn’t anticipating was the arrival of fall weather, in August. We packed extremely minimally and I fear, a little too optimistically as far as our clothing is concerned. I have about 3-4 full outfits for each of us, including necessary layers. That being said, I have a feeling, I’ll be sending a small pile of clothing home with my parents and replacing them with warmer clothing for our upcoming visits.  (all shorts, skirts and dresses may need to be swapped out for a couple more pants, sweaters and maybe fall coats.) Our newest house sit, will be in Zurich, Switzerland in early October. The weather in Zurich is expected to be approximately 40-60 degrees. A little too cold for shorts, I fear.

Maybe if we send our summer clothing home, it will guarantee the return of warmer weather.

By: Erin