(A note from Erin:)

The past few weeks have been deeply personal and challenging for me. As I remove our family photos off the walls and pack away my kids toys, it's hard not to question the decisions we are making. I am excited, yet struggle with the drastic nature of this one big move. Will we be enough for our children? Will they continue to thrive? Will I be homesick? Will Oliver and Tim be happy? (Vera's happy as long as she's being held!) Will I be able to find moments of piece and solitude that I've been craving?

Tim and I have spent the last month, separate but running towards the same goal. The goal of getting us out the door this weekend, bags packed, house cleared out and ready for the tenants to move in. My anxiety has been high, and my patience at an all time low. I am thankful the end is in sight, and I fear if I don't get control of my unraveling emotions, they might do damage to our relationship. So, we plow ahead, trying not to look back and question, but focusing on the future with great expectations and possibilities.