Tim and I both have different goals during this year abroad. Some are personal goals, family goals and business goals. However, for me, I think my main goal is to stop running.

I run everywhere. From the moment Vera wakes me up at 5am and I peel my exhausted head off the pillow, I am running. I run to get myself showered, dressed, and ready for work. While simultaneously getting my kids dressed, pottied, changed, brushed and fed, before shoving everyone out the door. Managing two drop offs, two pick ups and errands in between.

I run to get them at the end of the day. I run to get food in front of them at dinner. I spend my evening looking forward to the moment they are in bed. But why? The night is then spent cleaning, doing dishes and preparing for the next day. Only to go to bed too late, get up too early, and start running. My current routine leaves me feeling breathless and underwhelmed.

This is a habit I'm ready to change. I want to play with my children. Enjoy long dinners under the evening sky. Have them stay up too late to catch lightning bugs in a jar. I want to see them for who they are becoming and have them see me for the mother I know I can be. I am ready for a change of pace, a reset, a life shift. Whatever you want to call it, I am ready.

by: Erin

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