After Boston's snowiest season on record in 100 years, I was tired. When the snow finally melted, the seemingly never ending month of sicknesses began. One after the next of our little family fell victim to every spring cold, stomach flu, and strange child illness imaginable. Thus leaving me, exhausted, tired and reevaluating.

Then this email started it all:

From: Erin
Date: May 1, 2015 at 10:02:49 am
To: Tim
Subject: World's Craziest Idea
Let's go somewhere, sell our house, rent our house. Before our kids are in school. Can you take a year sabbatical?  Let's get basic jobs. Lets buy a one way ticket to somewhere warm and have an adventure. I'm serious. Maybe I'm just exhausted but it would be amazing.
I think we should find the cheapest Caribbean island we can move to and have an adventure. Maybe I'm just inspired by an article I read, but we only live once!
I love you.